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WK-300 300g Micro Coffee Roaster

/WK-300 300g Micro Coffee Roaster
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WK 300 g Mini coffee roaster is a gas type roaster specially designed for coffee beans sample roast, home roast, coffee lab roast, coffee enthusiast’s hobby and cocoa beans sample roast etc. Even though it is small and the weight is only 40 kg, it is featured with all same as commercial coffee roasters……

Do you know WK-300 ?

  • WK 300 g coffee roaster is the smallest model of series WK roasters, the roasting capacity is from 50 g to 350 g and only gas model is available.  Its drum is made of 304 stainless steel (food level),  the control panel comes with 3 buttons and 1 hot air knob, both manual and electric damper help you well control the hot air precisely.  Real-time digital temperature display, fire flame adjust, powerful cooling system, sampler spoon, data logger plus the efficient smoke system put the roasting machine on commercial quality level.
  • The whole machine adopts laser-cutting technology and welding process to form the whole frame.It is more durable and capable than using ordinary screws to joint the structure, the parts can not be easy loose and the structure can’t be deformed with time using or long distance transportation.
300g Coffee Roaster

WK -300 Specifications

Roaster Type GAS
Gross Weight70kg
Model No.WK-300
Batch Capacity50 g -350 g
Electric PowerSingle phase 220 V, 50/60HZ
Data LoggerAvailable
Machines Dimension66* 41.6* 62 cm
Temperature Range300 C
Machine Power80W
Machine Weight45 kg
Package Dimension73*48*50 cm
300g coffee roaster front side
  • Omron temperature controller couples with Germany thermocouple achieve the real-time temperature display and precise temperature control.
  • Both electric and manual damper control the exhaust smoke volume in effiency.
  • Colorful LED metal buttons are more durable than plastic ones.
  • Large fire flame observation glass window
  • Large capacity sampler spoon well check your roasting level during roast.
300g coffee roaster machine side
  • The hopper is made of 304 Stainless steel which is portable and moveable, it keeps coffee beans clean.
  • There is a offee beans glass window in front of roasting room door, you can easy to check the beans color changes during the roast.
  • Moveable cooling tray .
  • Independent cooling system makes roasted beans  cooling down repaidly.

300g coffee roaster cooling tray

  • BK 300 g coffee roaster is built with USB port, it works with Artisan software for data logger function.
  • Bluetooth adapter connection with machine and computer for data logger is available for option.
  • Drum housing color choices:  Black, Silver, Rose gold.

Gas Pressure Control

Gas pressure controls the fire flame strong or weak, we use the high quality gas meter and knob switch for controlling the gas volume to roaster.

Automatic Ignition:

Press “Heating” button, the solenoid valve opened to connect gas, if burner produces fire flame, then LED button light up;  if the burner doesn’t produce fire flame in 10 seconds, the solenoid valve will automatically close the gas, the buzzer gives an alarm.

Constant-Temperature Control :

Temperature value can be preset, when the actual temperature is up to it ,machine automatically cut off gas and stop heating up;  when temperature drops below the preset value, it ignites the fire to heat up automatically, the temperature keeps in same preset value all the time.

Roaster Drum:   It is made of 304 food level stainless steel and mixing blades attaches inside the drum by TIG welding, clean and low noise.

Gas Burner:   High performance burner produces strong fire flame to help you easy control your roast, fuel saving.  Temperature rise  can be reached 20C/minute to fit your ever-changing roasting requirements.

Insulation Layer: Even for our smallest coffee roaster, we still use the very thick insulation layer, maximum reduce the heat loss.

Omron Temperature Controller

“SV”  (The green color digital number) is the preset temperature.

“PV”  (The white color digital number) is the actual temperature .

°C ” is  for degrees Celsius, it can convert to “°F” Fahrenheit degree. 

Example : Preset temperature is  230 Celsius degree,  when real-time temperature is up to  230°C,  the machine  automatically shuts off the gas to burner;  and switches on the gas and ignites the fire on burner when temperature drops below 230°C .

Machine equipped with an automatic gas detection system for flame off. If the flame is off  in unexpected condition, the machine will automatically cut off the gas, the buzzer gives alarm.


How does WK 300 g make your life better off ?

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